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Application Guide

We want you to write an amazing application, so we've put together a guide filled with what you should focus on when writing your responses. Remember, the best opportunity you'll have to learn more about BEAM and our application will stil be at our infosession, so don't forget to join us at Latimer 120 at 8:00 PM PST!

BEAM's Mission Statement is: To provide accessible, hands-on STEM education to our local communities, with the hopes of inspiring students of all backgrounds to pursue STEM. What about this statement motivates you personally to join BEAM? Choose at least one specific word or phrase that resonates with you.

There's a lot of directions you can take with this question. We recommend sticking to just one specific word/phrase that you feel truly resonates with you, and building on that. Feel free to talk about your own personal experiences as to why you want to apply. The stronger you can connect your word/phrase to your reason for wanting to joining BEAM, the better.

Choose a scientific concept or topic. How would you explain it in a way that a K-6 school student could understand? Feel free to include analogies or real-world examples!

Try to envision yourself actually teaching this lesson! One suggestion we have is to think about any scenarios or questions that may come up with your lesson topic, and work your response to account for them. We know the topic you choose can be very exciting to learn, but you should try to focus on how you'd teach this lesson, rather than telling us every intricate detail that's associated with what you chose. Remember - you're teaching this to a K-6 student, not us! Being in-depth with both how you'd teach it is key here.

What do you believe makes a great mentor?

We're not trying to trick you on this one - we really want to know what you think makes a great mentor! A common pitfall that we see in applications at this stage is resume dumping, which is NOT what we want to see. There's a difference between mentioning past experiences you've had (which we love to see!), and telling us every volunteer organization you've ever been a part of. Just be sure to explain why you believe the things you think make that strong mentor, and you'll do just fine.

You did it! We hope that wasn't so bad. We're really excited to see the fantastic work you've put into your application, and you should be proud for completing it! Decisions will be released on Sunday, January 28 at 8:00 AM PST.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weekly time commitment?

We have mandatory DeCal (worth 1 or 2 units) on Monday evenings from 6:30-8pm, where we primarily go over the lesson for the week. You will then attend site for 1 hour (not including transportation time) on one afternoon between Tuesday and Friday every week! You are at the same site for the whole semester. Our Outreach committee also plans out socials and volunteer events that you can attend on weekends!

What if I have no teaching experience?

Don’t worry at all! Our Mentor Development committee prepares a Mentor Orientation every semester to prepare you for teaching and situations in the classroom, as well as presentations and activities throughout the semester to help facilitate your growth as a mentor. Additionally, you attend site in a group of 4-6 mentors, including 1 experienced site leader so there’s people that have your back!

How can I get to site if I don't have a car?

Transportation is entirely covered by BEAM! Some schools are within walking distance and transportation will be provided for those that require driving.

Do I have to be a STEM major to be a mentor?

Absolutely not! We have very comprehensive lesson plans that you will read every week and that we go over during decal on Mondays to prepare you for site.