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BEAM Wins ZipCar Award

BEAM was selected as the ZipCar 2016 “Students with Drive” Grand Prize Winner! This award will help us transport our mentors to sites and will provide us with the resources to continue bringing hands-on lessons to our students.


Will STEM education be the child left behind?

"A combination of budget cuts and policy decisions has left many local, state and federal bodies short on funds to robustly back science education... Volunteer and corporate-backed STEM networks 'can help schools bridge those gaps and make those connections.'"


Cause on top of classes draw UC Berkeley students

BEAM “is not just some sort of weekly outreach thing and you go and it’s like 'whatever,’” BEAM president ('14) Tiffany Chung says. “We really focus on understanding how to interact with a younger audience and what you can learn from the kids. We’re not just going in to help these kids because we’re some sort of 'benefactor’ group. It’s a two-way exchange.”


Cal Engineering Students Take It To the Classroom

"[According to the Lawrence Hall of Science] 80% of local K-5 teachers spend less than 60 minutes per week teaching science–and 16% spend no time at all. BEAM...step[s] in where the state and local governments have not."